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What To Wear

The most commonly asked question we get from parents, always with great fear in the eyes, is “What do we wear for our photos?!” Our answer is simple. We want to capture you the way you really are at this time in your life. So, look like you. Maybe just a little more coordinated version of you, without trying too hard.

Here are some examples:


This family had a base of black and grey, and the daughter wore red, so mom threw on a red scarf. Notice dad has a hint of light blue too – just a hint of color to add to his clothing:


These kiddos are dressed from a store carrying the same line for girls and boys…. All brown, red, and cream and oh so adorable together!


This family wore a base of blacks and grays with hints of light blue and tan:












His plaid shirt had a hint of purple so mama wore a purple shirt that coordinates perfectly:


Before your session, lay all of the clothes for your family out on your bed and ask yourself, “Do these clothes look like something we would wear on a normal day, maybe to an event? Are these completely obnoxious together (too many patterns and different colors)… Or do they sort of fit together without looking like I tried to make everyone be matchy-matchy?”

There is nothing wrong with wearing white polos and khakis for your photos. But, most families don’t all walk around wearing matching polos and khakis on a daily basis. We want to see YOU. We want you to remember YOU the way you were when you look back on these memories 40 years down the road.

In general, wear nicer shoes than your gym shoes, wear clothes you’re comfortable sitting in (tight skirts or low cut shirts may show more than you want once we position you to interact with your kids), try to avoid putting babies in dresses until they are able to stand, if you wear makeup do your makeup slightly darker than normal, and don’t be afraid to accessorize with jewelry, scarves, or hats if they show your personality.

And the most important tip? Don’t worry about it too much! We’re with you to capture your personality. What you wear certainly is a part of what expresses your personality. But having fun and interacting with your kids is the most important thing you can do on the day of your session.

We look forward to capturing you!