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Shaun T in Indianapolis


As a photographer I get to do some pretty cool things and meet great people. One of those great people is Julie Voris Fitness. She is inspiring in everything she does and has energy and focus like no one I’ve ever met before. All while lifting up everyone around her. Because of her, on Saturday, I had the privilege of meeting and photographing Shaun T. For those that don’t know, Shuan T is a celebrity fitness trainer, known for Insanity, Cize, Max:30, and a million other INSANE workouts. I completed Insanity a few years back so I knew the intensity he brings but what I didn’t realize was the compassion, heart, and love that he shows to everyone he meets. To say you left the event motivated would be a huge understatement. Thank you so much Julie for the opportunity and Shaun for the much needed motivation and encouragement.