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The Brutiful Life Project : Megan



Several years ago, we started The Brutiful Life Project. You can read about our goal to give families with life-altering diagnoses hope and encouragement through gifted family photography sessions HERE. Several weeks ago, Megan’s news of a cancer diagnosis while pregnant crossed my path and immediately I knew she was going to be our next Brutiful Life Gift. (That’s right – our gift – these sessions are meant to be a gift from us but always inevitably end up being a gift to us.) I met Megan in college, and thanks to life-changing Facebook, I was thrilled to remain connected to her through the trusty internet social circles because it allowed me to follow her life adventures. And let me tell you what. Megan is full of life.  Her friends would describe her with many many wonderful and inspiring adjectives, and I would be willing to bet that “funny” or “hysterical” or “a comic” would be at the top of the every person’s list. Because she is so good with words and a fabulous writer, many people who haven’t even personally met her have been touched by her honest and touching writings about life and love as her messages of hope, joy, and laughter have been spread through social media and sites like Scary Mommy over the years.



Her gift of staying positive, grateful, and happy through a diagnosis of Hodkin’s Lymphoma at 28 weeks pregnant with her fourth baby, and a 5-week-early delivery to ensure timely cancer treatment is inspiring to say the least. I’m so grateful to be a tiny part of this chapter in her journey by capturing these photos of Megan with her – as she puts it – “My amazing kids.  My husband.  My family.  Life.  And the power that everyone possesses to fight whatever gets in their way.  To fight for what they love and what is important.  So, I plan to fight on.  Not just to annihilate cancer, but to live life.  I am going to enjoy sunsets, and yoga, pedicures, those darn wheatgrass shots I have been slugging down, and maybe, just maybe, even an episode of Paw Patrol.   There is so much that I am grateful for and no pesky disease is going to get in my way!!!”



Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful and perfect baby boy, Archer - The protector. One of great strength and courage.  Whose arrow will guide you on your path no matter what may befall you. Archer. The one who protected you, inspired you, and comforted you before he was even born.



We love you and we stand with you, Megan! Thank you for opening up your life and your family to us, and for giving us the gift of being a part of your journey. #MeganCrushesCancer



And just in case you’re wondering if Megan’s spunky kids are as funny and full of life as she…… welllllll…… Dan noticed this post-it note had been placed on his back about half way through the session. The fastest way to Dan’s heart is through laughter, so he was pretty smitten with this family right from the start.:):):):):):):):):)



You can read more of Megan’s journey to annihilate cancer on her new blog: https://cancercrusherchronicles.wordpress.com