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Have you ever tried to sit down and sum up your personality, character, and life story in a few paragraphs?! It was so hard to figure out how to portray our spirit and energy in a few short lines that we decided to ask our clients and friends to do it for us! This is what they said:


Most people said: Focused. Professional. Determined. Talented. Funny.

People also said: Hilarious. Compassionate. Business-oriented. Calm. Consistent. Fun-loving. Organized. Four Women’s Prince Charming. Creative. Amazing. Zany.



Most people said: Genuine. Creative. Kind. Funny. Loyal. Enthusiastic.

People also said: Organized. Classy. Caring. Professional. Fun. Insanely creative. Artistic. Joyful. Responsible. Inspirational. Beautiful. Outgoing. Real. Love. Sweet. Amazing. Witty. Smart. Compassionate. Giving. Positive. Faithful.



Endearing. Easy. True partnership. Dynamic duo. Awesome. Silly. Fantastic. Radiate love and support of each other both professionally and in marriage through laughter, respect, & admiration for one another. Symbiotic. In-tune. Cohesive. Powerful. TEAM. Synergy in childrearing. United on an AMAZING level: not only best friends, but your admiration and dedication and LOVE to each other comes across in all you do. You bring out the HAPPY in others.

WOW. You’ve all brought tears to our eyes and we thank you! We hope we can live up to all that you credit us with!


Here are a few fun facts about us too:

1. Dan idolized Jose Canseco as a kid and always thought he was going to be a professional baseball player when he grew up.


2. In about 18 months,

Brooke has taken

12,419 photos on her iPhone.

About 98% of the photos

are of her kids.


3.  We’d choose traveling, zoo, swimming, splash park, beach, trails, bowling, movies, dinner, friends, or family over cleaning ANY day. Life is too short!


4. We went to Paris for our honeymoon in 2004. After an awesome wedding celebration, family brunch, then long flight with little sleep, Dan very respectfully drummed up the courage to use the French he’d been practicing and asked a French man (in French), “Excuse me sir, but do you speak French please?” The nice man laughed and replied (in English), “Why yes, I certainly do, but I think you’d probably be better off if I spoke English to you!”


5. Brooke’s degree in Graphic Design from Purdue was sparked from being the clipart editor for the fifth grade newsletter and high school yearbook graphic designer.


6. Everything Dan studied in college was on film and in darkrooms. (Yeah, I know… we’re not that old… or are we?!) It was immediately after getting his degree that the world switched over to digital, giving him a rare wealth of knowledge and appreciation for the art of photography before learning the digital side of the field.


7. Dan did a summer-long photography internship with a

commercial photographer in Italy before he graduated from RIT with

a degree in Commercial Photography. (That was an even longer long-distance relationship than when Dan was finishing school in New York while Brooke was in Indiana!)


8. As a kid, Dan was bitten by a monkey named Chi Chi at the zoo, which started his nickname “Dan the Monkey Man”.


9. Dan plays the piano. Not just tools around, but really plays. Give him classical sheet music, no problem. Play a modern song on your iPhone for him, give him three tries and he’s playing it. He writes music too. It’s a joyful noise in our house.


 10. Speaking of joyful noises, we have three beautiful and spunky girls named Samantha “Sammi” (11), Natalie (9), and Holly (5).

These three human beings bring us more joy and love than we ever thought possible.


11. We are both blessed with AMAZING parents. We would not be able to do what we do without their love, support, and willingness to help us however and whenever we need it. We are also blessed with amazing family, friendships, and love. I don’t know how we got so lucky, but we are deeply grateful.

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